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We are living in hectic times and the need for solutions that help us achieve optimal results with our business is crucial for our success. Tax preparation is always important and it needs to be handled with precision in order to avoid any issues that can delay the process. Tax Guru Financial & Notary is ran with impeccable discipline and attention to detail. Former Tax Manager Erica Brown understands the need for an upstanding service that leaves no stone unturned to ensure your peace of mind with taxes and bookkeeping.
We understand the importance of providing a service that is both efficient and accessible. Small business ventures need to handle their taxes properly and this is a key factor to a prosperous journey in any line of work.


When a team of professionals handles taxes, this translates to lowered stress levels for business owners. Trying to navigate all the challenges of the modern world is difficult enough without having to deal with tax-related issues that can turn into complex financial burdens.

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Nationwide federal and state tax preparation of individual and/or business taxes, Prior year returns, Amendments, and more.



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